Replace “AI” with “Organizations” To Better Consider Our Future Ahead

David A. Bray
2 min readSep 15, 2023

I recently had a great conversation with colleague Graham Morehead, who I know from my People-Centered Internet coalition days, and Max Turnquist. The above is a link to a fun AI-and-society discourse where I argue all the “AI hype” is partly because certain organizations — who are gaining power on the global stage while the power of most governments globally in parallel wane — want to distract from their transnational rise to power by presenting an even larger spectacle.

Specifically the distraction of: What if AI did XYZ to humanity…

(Meanwhile, pay no attention to the increasing influence, financial resources, and power of a subset of organizations and what they’re able to do to humanity… and in fact are doing).

Please note, I’m not saying there isn’t a role for the public or governments to do anything re: AI and organizations. In fact I submit there is a certain “learned helplessness” we need to overcome — in addition to data cooperatives and what does the “right to be left alone” mean relative to organizations and AI.

Moreover, I submit for the most part we’re being distracted by this spectacle called super-AI-risks when we really should be focusing on how we learn to co-exist both with super-empowered organizations and individuals who are now (via the increasing accessibility, ubiquity, and affordability of technology) able to do things that only large nation-states could do 40–50 years ago.

What we need to do for the future AI is what we need to do for present, and in fact needed to do a decade or more earlier, for organizations that increasingly influence our lives nationally and globally.

More at + comments welcomed.

Please make sure you don’t fall for the distraction trick of getting you to focus on super-AI-risks, while the real important issues to be addressed are behind the curtain today!

In the interim, if you’re interested in what the National Academy of Public Administration is doing regarding AI and Public Service, here’s a link as well:

Onwards and upwards together.

Images courtesy of licensed CC0, embedded video includes colleagues Graham Morehead and Max Turnquist



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