Get ready for a big event in late May about the GeoTech Decade ahead

David A. Bray
2 min readMay 7, 2021
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For more than a year, the Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data has been working to produce a series of recommendations on the Commission’s central topic for the United States, allied nations, and like-minded partners around the world.

I am now excited to share that the results of that significant work will soon be made public in late May. Watch for details — and in the interim, here are some details both on the Commission as well as a link to a #GeoTech Hour video where we hosted Vint Cerf, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, former Congressman Michael J. Rogers, and Dr. Melissa Flagg for a in-depth conversation about the decade ahead.

Industry Co-Chairs:

Mr John Goodman & Ms. Teresa Carlson

Congressional Co-Chairs:

Sen. Mark Warner; Sen. Rob Portman; Rep. Suzan DelBene; and Rep. Michael McCaul


Mr. Max R. Peterson II; Mr. Paul Daugherty; Mr. Maurice Sonnenberg; Hon. Michael Chertoff; Hon. Michael J. Rogers; Mr. Pascal Marmier; Ramayya Krishnan, PhD; Hon. Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD; Hon. Susan M. Gordon; Vint Cerf, PhD; Zia Khan, PhD; Anthony Scriffignano, PhD; Ms. Fran Townsend; Admiral (Ret) James Stravedis, PhD

Director & Executive Team:

David A. Bray, PhD; Peter Brooks, PhD; Ms. Stephanie Wander + many more at the AC GeoTech Center.

On Why the Decade Ahead Matters:

In the year since COVID-19 was declared an official pandemic, the GeoTech Center has focused on connecting tech and data efforts across sectors and nations to ensure we emerge from the pandemic stronger and united. This has included in-depth analyses and actions associated with the defining contours and choices for the GeoTech Decade ahead. Specifically, if 2001–2011 was the Decade of Counter-Terrorism activities globally, and 2011–2021 was the Decade of Disillusionment where the decade began with hope and public trust in both the U.S. government and big tech companies and the decade ended with the exact opposite, then 2021–2031 is the GeoTech Decade where tech and new data capabilities will have disproportionate impacts on geopolitics, competition, and collaborations globally. Areas of significant importance include:

  • Global scientific and technology leadership
  • Secure data and communications
  • Enhanced trust and confidence in the digital economy
  • Assured supply chains
  • Continuous global health protection
  • Assured space operations for public benefit

Watch the video and please let us know your thoughts; a full listing of all our GeoTech Hours can be found at

Onwards and upwards together!



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